A Bond stuntman has pulled off the hottest card trick ever - blind-dealing four aces while engulfed in flames.

Daredevil Steve Truglia from Wanstead, east London, staked his life against his magic skills as he went up in flames.

The 50-year-old magician - who had roles in Tomorrow Never Dies and Saving Private Ryan - called it the ‘world’s most dangerous card trick’.

He said: ‘The flames I attached to my body are over 800 degrees. That’s enough to melt tin, so I had no room for error.

‘If the flame had come around the front because of a change in wind direction I could quite literally have lost my face or a hand and never have never been able to do card-magic again.’

Mr Truglia, who served in the UK special forces before becoming a stuntman, pushed his skills to the limit to replicate the pressure of being an underworld gambling cheat. These sleight-of-hand skills form part of his one-man performance in The Card Shark Show in London’s West End, which tells the story of gambling cheats through the ages and how it has influenced magic.