ISLAMABAD – M Hussain Chatha remained on top on the 11th day of the 4th IPL Islamabad Premier League Tenpin Bowling Championship here at Islamabad Megazone Bowling Club. Hussain was grabbing top slot with 539 points while Saqib Shahzad was on second with 538 points and Ijazur Rehman with 512 points was on third. Hussain maintained the overall lead on the third day in running with the total of 5,886 points, Malik Faisal was on second with with total 5,794 points, while Ijaz Rehman was on third with total 5,763 points. The top players of the country Zafar Iqbal and Ata M dropped out of top three positions. Ijaz said: “The federation is spending huge money from their own pockets to provide such healthy activity to the players in this holy month of Ramzan.” –Staff Reporter