LONDON: This remarkable video shows how an old, battered and faded photograph of a young lady has been transformed into a colour picture that could have been taken today.

The process, carried out using a colorization digital imaging program, took two-and-a-half hours, but has been sped up to just seven minutes.

The artist, known as ‘thehatersalad’ on the web social sharing site Reddit, worked on an old photograph submitted to the site by another Reddit user, known as ‘f2ISO100’.

The request for the picture to be fixed up, came two days ago from Reddit user f2ISO100. The post read: ‘My grandmother is an awesome lady. Please help fix this picture of her!’

Thehatersalad got to work immediately, and once completed, posted the finished piece with the response: ‘That was a bit more difficult (those nonexistent arms) than I had expected but I’m REALLY happy with the results.’  The time-lapse video, posted a short while later, shows how he got to work first hiding all the creases and cracks in the photo, then rebuilding parts that have been destroyed, such as her arms and blouse.

He then submits the final piece on Reddit, much to the surprise of ‘f2ISO100’, with a before and after shot of the woman.–ML

Quoted in the digital news site, f2ISO100 said: ‘I don’t know what kind of emotion you hope to elicit with these, but you made me catch my breath.’