PESHAWAR  - The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government will take up issue of net hydel profit, energy crisis and law and order situation at the Council of Common Interest (CCI) meeting today (Tuesday) in Islamabad.

Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, who acts, as chairman of the council, will preside over the meeting, while four chief ministers of the provinces become its members by virtue of their offices will also attend it.

To represent province in this important meeting, KPK Chief Minister Pervez Khan Khattak will also attend it. He will take up critical issues and matters relating to the KPK. The provincial government has done homework in this regard.

Official sources said that chief minister will raise net hydel profit issue on the forum and it has also been learnt that in the CCI meeting the province will ask the federal government to uncap that Rs6 billion which is being given to the province under 1991 water accord.

As accepted by all provinces under 1991 water accord, the KPK since then has not been using its waters share and that waters are being utilised by other provinces. In the CCI meeting the province will take up the issue to pay it the amount for its water share by those provinces that are using it since long.

The main idea behind constitution of the CCI is to resolve the issues arising out from time to time among the provinces or between federation and provinces. Official sources said that in the CCI meeting another important matter which the KPK government will discuss during the meeting is energy crisis as it will plead its cause to build dozens of small dams in the province to end loadshedding in the country.

Apart from, the energy policy, which the federal government has already prepared, would also be shared with the provinces. The KPK, which has been badly affected by militancy and terrorism, will also discuss the law and order situation in the country in general and in the province in particular. The CM will apprise the meeting about the security situation in his province.

It is worth to mention here that CCI has been made a powerful institution through the 18th Constitution Amendment Act and under article 154(3), the CCI is bound to meet at least once in ninety (90) days.

The CCI is also responsible to submit annual report to both the houses of parliament. The CCI has become more important after devolution of a number of subjects to the provinces after abolition of concurrent list through the historic 18th Constitution Amendment Act.