LAKKI MARWAT - A man was killed over a land dispute in Bega Tajazai village in Ghaznikhel police limits on Monday. Police quoted complainant Kalu Khan as saying that accused Ali Yousaf, Jan Muhammad Akhtar Zaman and Saboori shot and killed Noor Wali and fled.  Police have launched a hunt for the runaway culprits. Meanwhile, police claimed to have arrested score of criminals in a special drive. An official said that the lawmen raided the hideouts of anti-law elements and arrested 38 proclaimed offenders and 76 suspects.

He said that the seizure items included 8 klashankovs, a kalakov, 3 rifles, 9 shotguns, 30 pistols, 883 bullets, 11495 grams hashish and a small quantity of heroin.