PML-N leader and former federal minister Raees Munir Ahmad has urged the public to cooperate with the government to eliminate electricity and gas theft and warned the pilferers to mend their ways or they will have to face the music.

He said that his party’s government had inherited the energy crisis from the last PPP-led government. He added that the PML-N government was taking affective steps to control power and gas pilferage thus the public too should play their role in this regard. He praised the government’s ongoing crackdown on power and gas pilferers, saying that those steal national wealth were national criminals. He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his cabinet were working round the clock for elimination of the menace.

In Sheikhupura, the district police have registered cases against 800 gas and electricity thieves while 164 out of them so far been arrested including factory and filling station owners by the raiding team. The raiding team comprising district administration officials and police jointly raided the city and other localities of the district including Housing Colony, Civil Lines, Jandiala Sher Khan, Jandiala Road, Safdarabad, Sharqpur, Muridke, Ferozewala and caught the thieves red handed. Spokesman Rashid Irshad told the media the major “thieves” have been identified as Fayyaz Ahmad, Ashraf, Nazeer Ahmad (factory owners), Nawab Din, Ali Ahmad and Mousa Khan (filling station owners).