KARACHI : The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP), in response to its tender opened on 22-07-2013 has awarded contract for import of 75,000 Metric Tons (MTs) of Urea to the lowest bidder M/s. Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises PTC @ $ 317.00 Per Metric Ton (PMT) C&F. The tender was floated on 10-07-2013. In all 13 bids were received out of which 12 were found responsive in terms of prescribed evaluation criteria.

The prices quoted in the tender ranged from $317.00 to $338.87 PMT (C&F). M/s. Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises PTC offered the lowest price of $317.00 C&F for 75,000 MT, conforming to technical specifications and terms & conditions of the tender. Keeping in view the competitiveness and consonance of the price viz-a-viz the international prices of Urea, the offer was accepted and the contract was awarded to the lowest bidder accordingly. TCP is importing 300,000 MT Urea in pursuance of the decision of the ECC of the Cabinet. A fresh tender for the balance quantity is being issued separately, to complete the total targeted quantity.