Islamabad - COMSATS University Islamabad administration and teaching faculty on Saturday reached on an agreement to end the deadlock and start examination at the campus.

A statement issued by ASA CUI regarding recent protest at the CUI across the 7 campuses stated that a negotiating committee headed by Prof Mehnaz, President Academic Staff Association (ASA-CUI), met Rector CUI Dr Raheel Qamar.

An agreement as an outcome of this meeting was signed; hence all the long-standing issues regarding the employees were addressed amicably, it said.

As a result, ASA-CUI immediately called off the exams boycott and all employees at CUI expressed pleasure over this agreement that addressed almost all of their main concerns.

However, the ASA-CUI expressed concern over a news item published in newspapers that a summary regarding the removal of Rector CUI had been forwarded to the President of Pakistan, chancellor of CUI, with a suggestion to give additional role at the CUI to any of the rectors of Quaid-e-Azam University, Allama Iqbal Open University or International Islamic University.

Though ASA-CUI is of the view that the CUI should be provided with permanent set up as most of the persons at key posts were working in interim capacity including the present rector, yet any move at this stage when the implementation process pertaining to the agreement is in half-way will be resisted, it said. The ASA-CUI is very clear about its stance that interim set up must be replaced with the permanent set up, it said.

Any adventure regarding replacement of interim set up with another interim arrangement will lead the situation to the worst and ASA-CUI, on behalf of all the employees, affirms and reiterates that this action will be reacted with full force, it said.

ASA-CUI demands that the Selection Board should be conducted as soon as possible so that issues of the faculty must be resolved. Instead of changing interim rector with another interim rector, which is not going to contribute in the betterment of CUI matters, issues presented through Selection Board will provide a solution to the problems of faculty, it said. Moreover, the ASA-CUI demanded that formation of statutory bodies, Senate and Syndicate particularly, according to the CUI ACT 2018, must be completed so that rule of law must not allow any individual to mould things according to personal desires.