Blood donation is urgently needed to protect patients who are victimized by dangerous diseases like cancer, thalassaemia, and procedures like heart surgery. Painfully, in every two seconds, a patient is in dire need for blood. Children, especially, need to be protected. Due to lack of blood donors in our society, patients mostly die. The donors seem careless, and afraid of donating blood for saving humanity.

Blood donation is a moral responsibility of every individual aged 18 to 55, as every three seconds someone needs a blood transfusion to protect their lives. When the donors donate blood, it even brings out multiple benefits for their health, such as reduction of risk of heart diseases. They also get the added advantage of a free health check-up. The donor can donate up to 350 to 450 ml of blood, and the blood would be recovered after two months.

The blood donation campaign in Turbat is appreciated for spreading awareness about blood donation, and protecting the humans who are suffering from dangerous diseases and urgently need blood during emergency conditions. There is a dire need of blood banks in Turbat to save the lives of people.


Turbat, March 8.