ISLAMABAD - Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Ali Amin Gandapur has promised to hit Sachin Tendulkar out-of-the-park, when Pakistani parliamentarians cricket team face arch-rivals India in the 1st Inter-Parliamentary Cricket World Cup, scheduled to be held in England from July 8 to 15 this year.

Ali Amin, who is well-known for his explosive batting expertise, expressed these views during an exclusive interview with The Nation on Wednesday. He said: “I have played a lot of squash in my early days and I always batted as opener or one down. I was well-known for not taking pressure and hitting ball on merit. There is no doubt that Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar is a world class player, but after all, he is also a human and he is very much readable.

“I can assure my countrymen that we are going to play the Inter-Parliamentary Cricket World Cup with just one aim of lifting the trophy. We are blessed that a world cup winner Imran Khan is our Prime Minister.  It is more than enough to motivate us and it also put extra responsibility on our shoulders to deliver for the sake of our great captain, who managed to win World Cup 1992 for country with a very weak team. He turned the ordinary ones into best in the business and it is a message for all of us. With sheer hard work, passion and desire, we can deliver against any given opponent.”

He said: “I know we have a very competitive and balanced side and it depends on captain how he utilises his available options. But let me clear that wherever the skipper wants me to bat at, I will prove my worth and will play for the team. The 15-over cricket suits us a great deal, as we have some tremendous hitters of the white ball.

“Speaker Asad Qaiser is a very dedicated person and he is very keenly involved with the team. His presence and experience is a great source of inspiration for all of us. He remains present during practice and keeps on inspiring us to practice hard and do well.”

Ali Amin said: “I assure all that we are going to play positive and entertaining cricket and we will make a lot friends through our behavior. We will plead Pakistan cricket case to the best of our abilities. We have blend of youth and experience while every player is keen to deliver for the country, so this passion will help us excel in England.

“I will simply go and play my natural game as coward approach never exists in my books. I will watch the body language of the bowler and then play accordingly. I am confident that if I get the chance to face Tendulkar, I will hit him for a massive six. I have watched him bowl and I am sure the passion and the mood will be completely different, when we will be facing India and they also know this simple fact.”

When asked why PM Imran Khan didn’t lead Pakistani parliamentarians’ team, Ali Amin said: “Imran Khan is a great captain and he not only had outclassed all big teams during his career and also won world cup for Pakistan. This tournament is by no means in accordance to his status. His guidance will be more than enough for us to deliver. We are going with aim of ensuring respect for Pakistan and return with our heads high, as winning or losing doesn’t matter.”