ISLAMABAD-Former Interior Minister Rehman Malik has penned a new book ‘Daesh – ISIS: Rising monster worldwide’, discussing the future threats.

The senior Pakistan People’s Party leader has used his experience to expose Daesh’s evolution and manoeuvres.

The Book “Daesh – ISIS: Rising monster worldwide’ comprises of 12 chapters. The content of the book is well researched and laid out in a sequence that relevance of the chapters and continuity of the events can be comprehended with ease and comfort. As the name reflects, this book is an inside account of the DAESH and its hidden agenda. The author Rehman Malik has discussed in detail about the evolution of Daesh – ISIS and its manoeuvres across the globe from the point of origin.

This book is an expose of the rising phenomenon of violent extremism under the banner of DAESH which is bent upon disrupting and destroying internal, regional and international peace and stability. The author points out how the organization abuses the name of religion as a shield to commit abhorrent crimes against humanity.

The author has discussed the emergence of DAESH/ ISIS at the international level. He also points to the front organizations and groups that act as a platform for projecting and propagating DAESH’s skewed worldview.

Senator Malik also highlights the nexus between Al Qaeda and DAESH and how in many cases the Al Qaeda outfits morphed into DAESH.

The content of this book is not only a narration of the events and incidents related to DAESH, but a perspective of a decision maker and practitioner who helped deliver tangible results at the national and international levels.

In the first chapter the author has disused the birth of DAESH and its progressive ingress in the Middle East, Europe and now in Saudi Arabia. The author also opines that South Asia including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and some parts of China and Russia will become the targets of this organization because of its dubious financing and background.

Subsequently, in proceeding chapters the Author has discussed in detail the most recent terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. It is also on record that after the New Zealand attacks, Senator Rehman Malik shared his vision about the advances of Daesh – ISIS and predicted that South Asia can be the next destination for this terrorist outfit. The visionary Senator accumulated the situation very well and right after a few days the terrorist Organization hits Sri Lanka.

The author has exclusively discussed the names being revealed during the investigation of Sri Lankan attacks and their linkages with the soil of India for terrorist training.

In subsequent chapters the author has in detail discussed ‘The Arab Spring’ and Yemen crises etc. The author has proved that Daesh – ISIS is the only outfit that holds its head office in Iraq and operates worldwide in different regions. It is an important fact revealed from the book that so far the Daesh – ISIS has inflicted mostly the Muslims and it has abolished the Muslim leadership on the vast spectrum.

The book discusses the history of terrorism, particularly in South Asia and generally across the world and indicates that it paves its path through the slogans of religious and fundamental deprivations.

It is a by-product of geopolitical interest of wheelers and dealers of the world. Daish was established keeping the role model of Al-Qaeda resorting to the misuse of Islam and using terror as a weapon to achieve their unholy targets. Daesh is supporting the hidden agenda of the wheelers and dealers of the world. The most recent incident of the attacks on Sri Lankan Churches is a part of the larger game to bring the clash between the civilizations. Unfortunately the Daesh was trained in India with a specific mission.

It became more powerful and destructive with heavy funding and support from the hidden hands, The seizer of resilience of Iraqi army in fact facilitated Daesh to grow in terms of recruitment of ex Iraqi army in Daesh and it was all done with a purpose.

The training of Abu Musab Al Zarqawi and Abu Baker Al Baghdadi in Khost is a clear indicator that the present Daesh leadership is basically likes of Osama Bin Laden, who are being used by this lethal organization and basically it is a big tool of destruction of peace all over the world.

This book is informative and well supported by the personal experiences of the author.