ISLAMABAD-Sacked employees of dissolved Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) on Friday rejected the newly formed Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) claims of reforms in the department.

In statement issued on the 33rd day of protest outside the department, the sacked employees said that the dissolution of PMDC was an illegal act.

They said that the National Licensing Exam has eliminated the degree value of 168 medical colleges and it will also decrease the quality of medical education.

They also said that a group of private medical colleges will benefit from the PMC ordinance, while doctors have been deprived of the right to move the high court.

According to the statement, no professional from public sector medical college has been made member of the commission.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) President Dr. Arshad Taqi in a press briefing held here said that PMC is working on emergency basis to completely digitalize the system for the facility of medical professionals seeking registration and verification of their academic documents.

He said that in four weeks natal period has taken emergency measures to resolve all pending matters of verifications on urgent basis.

He said the system is being transformed online to ensure transparency and provide necessary information to the planners and regulators about the availability and potential requirements to improve the overall health care delivery to all citizens of Pakistan.

Dr. Arshad Taqi said that first priority of the Council is to process and provide all pending urgent applications. 

“This has been done and Good Standing Certificates and applications for verifications have been processed, certificates have already been issued,” he said.

He also said that the NEB Registration for aspirant students desiring to appear in Step 1 Exam on 1st December have been processed.

He added that the NEB exam will start from 1st December. 

Dr. Arshad Taqi also said that as the PMC after its establishment is being run on interim basis without permanent faculty. A very small staff has been recruited by the Council which includes 8 management personnel and 22 support staff. 

They are working under the direct control of the Council and the President.  

He said that the new website of the Commission was made functional on an urgent basis and is fully functional and all students and doctors have been requested to send their queries and applications on 

“A 24/7 helpline and customer service facility has been organized and will be operational within a week which will provide all students and doctors to call a toll-free number in order to have their queries answered including update of status of their pending applications if any,” he said. 

He said that the process of new student registration and the issuance of provisional licenses to students about to graduate has been overhauled and simplified.

“New forms for registration of fresh students and for grant of provisional licenses are being sent to the colleges and universities in the coming week and provided to students online,” he remarked.  

The President PMC also said that for further ease of students’ online collection accounts have been opened with National Bank of Pakistan to allow students to deposit their necessary fee at any NBP brand across Pakistan rather than having to undertake the cumbersome process of preparing bank drafts etc.