LAHORE - Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) for the second consecutive day nominal slipped down to 0.86 means nearly one point as the KSE benchmark 100 index closed at 9182.88 compared to yesterday 9,183 points. The KSE-100 bench mark opened today morning with see-saw but ultimately remained under pressure throughout the day and closed in the negative column. The turnover at the local bourse stood at 120,500 and the highest trading today was seen in the scrips of Hibib Metro Bank whose share dipped to Re 0.39 closed at Rs 37.40 with a volume of 25,000 followed by UDL Mod. whose volume remained 19,000 closed at Rs 4.05 further shedding Re 0.30. Southern Electric, however, gained Re 0.07 closed at Rs 3.72 with a volume of 8,500 shares. 1st Fid. Leasing remained unchanged closed at Rs 4.20 with volume of 8,000 shares. Sitara Energy gained Rs 1.00 closed at Rs 20.00 with a volume of 7,000. Nishat (Chinian) remained unchanged today closed at Rs 12.78 with the volume of 5,000 shares. Kohinoor Mills also shed Rs 1.00 closed at 16.86 with volume 5,000 shares. No change is witness in Ali Asghar trading which closed at Rs 1.25 with volume 5,000. Al-Zamin Leasing and Mirza Sugar gained though marginally Re 0.10 and Re 0.05 closed at Rs 2.20 and Rs 1.85 with volume 5,000 and 4,500 respectively. Golden Arrow, Glaxo Smith and Highnoon remained unchanged closed at Rs 4.35, Rs 108.70 and Rs 39.20 with volume 3,500, 3,000 and 2000 respectively. Ferozesons, Searle Pak, KESC, Bosicor Pakistan, Atlas Bank Ltd also remained unchanged closed at Rs 235.00, Rs 64.90, Rs 3.80, Rs 8.70 and Rs 6.85 respectively with volume 2,000 each except Atlas Bank Ltd whose volume remained 1,500 shares. Habib ADM, however, gained Re 0.19 closed at Rs 8.78 with volume of 1,000. Both Gharibwal Cement and Shifa Int. Hospital lost Re 0.35 and Rs 1.14 closed at Rs 17.55 and Rs 21.66 with volumes 1,000 and 500 respectively. English Leasing and Saritow gained Re 0.49 and Re 0.90 closed at Rs 4.99 and Rs 2.00 with volumes of 1,000 and 500. Rest of the scrips remained unchanged with volume 1000 or below. Meanwhile, the KSE-30 index witnessing a steep decline to 34.62 points and closed at 10008.23 and KMI-30 index with no changed closed at 11224.18 points. Analysts believed that the market might see major shifts in the scrips in the coming business week. LSE also witnessed a bearish trend when it changed 4.23 points and closed at 2825.28 points in which two companies share price went up, two companies went down while rest of the 69 remained unchanged. Total turn over, however, witnessed increasing trend as it remained 15700 shares as compared to previous turn over of 13,300 shares showing a difference of 2,400 shares. FCCL shed Re 0.05 closed at Rs 6.85 with volume leader 13,000. SEL also shed Re 0.50 closed at Rs 18.50 with volume of 500. Two companies Sepco and NML gained Re 0.10 and 0.04 closed at Rs 3.75 and Rs 46.75 with volume 2,000 and 200 respectively.