MUMBAI (APP/AFP) - A stockbroker in India's financial capital strangled his pregnant wife then took his own life after losing his job because of the global credit crunch, police said Wednesday. Parag Tanna, who was laid off from a local brokerage firm as markets took a nosedive last month, and his wife Neha were found dead at their home in the northern suburbs of Mumbai last weekend. "We found a suicide note from the man saying that he was killing himself and his wife as he had lost all his earnings at the (stock) markets," a senior police official told AFP on condition of anonymity. The global economic turmoil has not spared India. Shares on the Mumbai stock exchange have plunged nearly 50 percent this year, as foreign investors pulled out cash to the tune of more than 11 billion dollars. In September, a stockbroker and his wife reportedly committed suicide in India's technology hub of Hyderabad in a gas explosion which also killed their two-year-old child. The broker was said to have been disturbed as he had suffered a loss in the stock market, the Press Trust of India news agency said at the time, quoting police.