KARACHI - Doctors in the province are getting fewer salaries than a watchman while Sindh Health Ministry has failed to approve a uniform pay-scale for them. Talking to The Nation on Wednesday, General Secretary Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Karachi, Dr Samrina Hashmi, warned that doctors would be compelled to launch a protest drive against the apathetic behaviour of the health department regarding the solution of their problems. She said that it was a joke that salary of a medical officer working at a public hospital is mere Rs 6,000 per month, which is the fixed monthly salary of a watchmen or a labourer while a house officer in Punjab and and under federal government is drawing a stipend worth Rs 12,000. She said that such discrimination against doctors in two provinces could force them to stage widespread protest campaign against the government.   "PMA Karachi expressed its deep concern over the stipend received by the house officers in Sindh. They received their stipends about months after the start of their house job while their pay scale remained the same i.e. Rs 6200. The junior doctors work day and night in government hospitals in unhealthy and insecure environment. They are also paying for postgraduate exams besides supporting their families. This is the reason behind large-scale brain drain from the country. Moreover, this situation als compels doctors to change their profession and work in others fields. PMA Karachi demands implementation of proper career structure for young doctors and increased stipends for house officers. Government of Sindh should look into this matter seriously and implement the new service structure", Hashmi said She added that Punjab government has taken bold step in 2006 to double the salaries of doctors while stipend for house officers in that province was increased from Rs 6,200 to 12,000 per month, she said. It is worth mentioning here that over 100 house officers of Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) had already staged token strike for two hours demanding minimum salary worth Rs 12,000.