BISHKEK (AFP) - Some 100 activists from two Kyrgyz political groups rallied Tuesday in capital Bishkek, calling for withdrawal of the US airbase from Kyrgyzstan. Protesters from the nationalist Zhoomart group and the Sergiy Radonezhsky Fund cheered as Zhoomart's leader Nurlan Motuyev publicly burned a US flag and an effigy of US President George W Bush. "Americans are the first to begin wars everywhere, they kill peaceful Muslims, spill fuel on our soil and make farmers suffer from poor crops. Away with the air base" Motuyev called. "There is a threat that if a US base stays in Kyrgyzstan, Muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan would take vengeance on us," the Fund's leader Igor Trofimov warned. Police, though present, did not interfere. Local protests against US military presence are often staged both in Bishkek and next to the air base. The airbase, which shares premises with the country's main airport at Manas, outside the capital, is crucial to Washington's operations in Afghanistan. About 1,000 US troops are stationed at Manas.