RAWALPINDI - The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has received Rs 5 million extra-electricity bills from Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO), which will dent financial stability of the civic body. WASA Managing Director (MD) Col (Retd) Islam-ul-Haq stated this here on Wednesday. He said that due to over and exaggerated billing by IESCO, WASA would have to pay Rs 5.0 million extra on account of electricity bills in current month. He said that WASA, normally, was paying Rs 10 million for the electricity bills for running its different installations like tube-wells, water works and water filtration plants. "Due to abrupt increase in electricity bills, WASA had to pay Rs 15 million instead of Rs 10 million which would directly affect the financial stability of the civic agency which was already suffering from heavy losses of revenue due to non-payment of water bills by the defaulters," Islam-ul-Haq stated. He also emphasised that WASA was regularly paying its electricity bills and not a single penny was outstanding against the agency but on the other hand 40 per cent consumers were not paying their water bills to WASA. He described that IESCO had no doubt revised its tariff but even with the revision only Rs 1 to 2 million should be increased. The WASA MD further said that the civic body was not increasing its tariff due to sudden increase of electricity bill but would curtail its non-development expenditure to meet the fiscal deficit. However, he appealed to the IESCO authorities to intervene into the situation and agency should be issued realistic electricity bills for payment. He also appealed to the WASA consumers to pay their water bills timely so that agency could deliver its services smoothly to the citizens. "WASA is launching a campaign against defaulters to increase its revenue and these defaulters will be dealt strictly by using all legal actions against them. For this purpose a full time magistrate is being appointed by Punjab government to deal with these defaulters," he added. He instructed his revenue staff to leave no stone unturned and visit each and every consumer for payment of bills timely.