ISLAMABAD (NNI) - The residents of the Capital are facing acute shortage of sugar in most sectors since the Supreme Court has ordered the sale of sugar on Rs 40 per kg. It was learnt that mill owners have stopped sugar supply to markets due to which the residents were facing severe shortage of sugar in the Capital. The residents said that they were drinking tea, milk and juices without sugar. Riaz, Wahid and Abid Khattak, while talking to the agency said that they did not find sugar in the markets for last several weeks and they were compelled to exclude sugar from their daily use food items. The government did not take action against the mills owners in such severe shortage of the sugar in open markets. The sugar mafia has become out of control of the government, they added. They said sugar is not available at the rate of Rs 40 per kg in any market of the Capital and said it is available at Rs 60 per kg in the open market but the government is taking no action against the sugar trades. Haji Gul Maroof, another resident, said that they were compelled to use gur instead of sugar because it was not available at fixed rate in the market. He added that those who raised the slogan of food, cloth and shelter are not taking interest in the problems of people. On the other hand, shopkeepers Rizwn, Aslam and others said that mill owners had stopped sugar supply to shopkeepers and dealers soon after the Supreme Court judgement regarding sugar rate. The local people demanded of the government to take strict action against the mill owners or start crackdown against them.