RAWALPINDI - The Principal of Allied Hospitals (AHs) and Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC), Dr Musaddiq Khan has reportedly embezzled millions of rupees from the funds of institutions being run under him as he purchased substandard machines for AHs and received hefty kickbacks, reliable sources revealed on Thursday. Sources also confided that Dr Musaddiq Khan had also appointed one of his friends namely Saqib Abbasi, who had MBBS degree but was actually a property dealer by profession, as Chairman of Board of Management (BoM), violating the Punjab Medical and Health Institutions Act and Rules (PMHIAR) 2003, to just get approval of his illegal purchase orders. According to sources, Clause e of Article 6 of PMHIAR 2003 reads as Six non-official members from amongst retired professors of medical colleges, renowned retired doctors from the general cadre, management experts/retired civil and military officers, distinguished citizens, notable jurists and financial experts can become member as well as Chairman of BoM. As per rules, Saqib Abbasi does not deserve for the slot, sources maintained. Sources close to Dr Musaddiq told this scribe that the diagnosis machines prices of which are in millions had been purchased for pocketing commission but the machines were never procured which were essential for diagnoses as well as it were much cheaper in price. The diagnosis machines including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Angiography, Mammography, Culture Media and Saturna purchased by Dr Musaddiq Khan with the approval of BoM are actually of low qualities and have not been functioning since the day they were installed, causing immense difficulties for thousands of patients as well as doctors, sources added. Similarly, the Saturna machine, which is used in laboratory, was purchased by spending heavy amount, also not performing regular functions. In another bid to grab money, Dr Musaddiq Khan purchased a Culture Media Machine, commonly used for examining urine, blood and spit, with the cost of Rs 3.5 million set up in BBH. The machine is not being used whereas the paramedics prepare menu with hands, sources added. Sources also informed that the owners of private laboratories, most of them are near and dear of Dr Musaddiq, are being facilitated as Gynecologists of AHs refer the pregnant women to the private laboratories for important tests, due to which the poor patients have to pay heavy amount in absence of Hb-Electrophoresis Machine. In the same way, ELISA machine, used for diagnosis of Hepatitis B and C, has not been installed in any of AHs just to facilitate the owners of private laboratories. It is pertinent to mention here that most of private laborites are run by the doctors or they have share in the labs. Dr Musaddiq removed an honest Purchase Secretary (BPS-19) Dr Shamas-ur-Rehman from his office, as he was not helping Musaddiq in corruption. Later, a clerk Tariq, who was in good books of Dr Musaddiq, was promoted to the post of Accountant and then made Secretary of Purchase Cell by the Principal, sources added. When Punjab Health Secretary Anwar A. Khan was told about Saqib Abbasi, he expressed his complete ignorance about the BoM sitting Chairman. When he was told that a property dealer was heading the BoM, Anwar wondered and said that he would be able to say any thing after checking the record. However, he said that BoM had completed its tenure in 2007 and a summary had also been forwarded to Punjab government for its renewal. When Dr Musaddiq was contacted he denied the charges, saying that all the diagnosis machines including MRI were purchased in 1999 during the tenure of Gen Islam Naqvi who was Project Director at that time. Funds were provided by Asian Development Bank for the purpose. When he took charge in 2004, he made all these machines functional, he informed. To a question about Saqib Abbasi, he replied that Dr Saqib has been working as Acting Chairman of BoM for last six months, adding that he was a dedicated and dutiful officer who even played a vital role for the uplift of AHs. However, he remained tightlipped on eligibility of Saqib as Chairman of BoM.