ISLAMABAD - Contrary to Finance Minister Shaukat Tarins anticipation of getting $874 million by June 2010, the release of funds from the US under the new legislation KLB is feared to be delayed beyond the current financial year. According to well-placed sources, the government of Pakistan was not likely to get any money within the current financial year due to procedural delays in the US assistance. Thus, the precarious state of fiscal balance might force the government to go to International Monetary Fund (IMF) again if at all it wants to avoid a cut on the development budget towards end of this year. Financial experts have already underlined that a cut of Rs 200 billion in the current Public Sector Development Programme was inevitable if the American aid did not pour in before June 30, 2009. Tarin has already said on record that the government would have to go to the IMF for third time in case the US assistance under the KLB is delayed beyond the end of the current financial year. The experts believe that the govt would have to apply a cut on the development funds if it fails to reduce the non-development expenditures. The current expenditures on the other hand were bound to go beyond even the allocations in the budget 2009-2010 chiefly due to the ongoing war on terror. The IMF has already approved an aggregate $11.2 billion under two different programmes enabling improvements in Pakistans current account over the span of three years. It would be third request to the IMF within one year, if delays in the US funds force the government to pick up the Kashkol (the begging bowl) once again.