ISLAMABAD - In a major tactical move ruling PPP has changed composition of NA committee on Law and Justice to rally majority support to decide whether infamous National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) be adopted as it stands or with retrospective effect. TheNation learnt from credible sources on Thursday that PPP has changed composition of the said committee ahead of scheduled meeting on October 26 by altering its strength from 17 to 18 members to get the controversial NRO passed from the parliament. Sources said PPP that had eight members in the committee has added the name of Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Syed Naveed Qamar in its bid to rally majority to upshot the committees decision. It is PPPs preemptive move to forestall the threat of being defeated on NRO issue, a source said, adding it would not help the ruling party as none if its coalition partners including ANP, MQM, JUI (F) were in favour of passing the notorious NRO. Sources further said that the PPP move has come after sensing mood of other members of the committee who were in majority in the said committee with PML-N having four members, PML-Q (three), MQM (one) and one independent. With re-composition of the committee, PPP has ostensibly secured parity with the view to alter the committees decision in its favour by using the vote of the Independent member. In addition to PPP coalition partners reluctance, PML-N and PML-Q have already rejected the NRO and vowed to resist tooth and nail by denying the PPP to have simple majority for passage of NRO from the parliament. The govt has tabled NRO in the Senate as well as the National Assembly along with dozens of other ordinances in the light of SCs 31 July verdict. The PPP leadership intends to get it passed at all costs from the parliament by next month. The NRO was issued hours before the 2007 presidential polls in which Pervez Musharraf was re-elected and consequently had benefited political leaders and activists of various political parties, civil and military officials and businessmen through it.