ISLAMABAD (AFP/APP) Troops and Taliban militants have been locked in intense clashes on the sixth day of a major military assault in the tribal belt which has killed more than 150 people, the army said Thursday. Twenty-four Taliban militants had been killed since the last death toll, a statement said, bringing the overall number to 137. In addition, two soldiers have been killed in the offensive around South Waziristan, bringing the overall number of dead soldiers to 18. Some of the most intense fighting has been between Taliban-stronghold Sararogha and Jandola, home of a large military base, where the army said 13 militants had been killed and a series of bunkers and cave hideouts captured. On Jandola-Sararogha axis, the security forces secured entire Tor Ghundai feature. The series of bunkers and caves have been neutralised while terrorists have left the area after suffering heavy casualties. At present, security forces are in the process of securing Shishamwam spurs, and caves are being cleared in a systematic manner. Meanwhile, Mizo-Wam has been fully secured by the forces. On Shakai-Ladha axis, the security forces are extending perimeter of security north of Sherwangi area. Gurgura Sar has been fully secured. Last night, the terrorists raided Boya Narai, west of Sherwangi. The attack was repulsed inflicting heavy casualties on to the attackers. Eleven terrorists were killed and a number of them were injured. The security forces also lost one soldier and three others were injured. Security forces have established pickets at road Torwam-Sherwangi and are patrolling the area. The forces have regained the control of Torwam Bridge which was closed by terrorists since 2007. This bridge is vital for link between Torwam and Ladha. In Razmak, the security forces are consolidating their positions and have effectively blocked the roads leading from Makeen. Terrorists fired 6 rockets at Razmak Camp. One soldier embraced Shahadat while another was injured. In Operation Rah-e-Rast at Swat and Malakand division, the search and clearance operations were conducted in Banpur Sar. Important terrorist commander Iqbal alias Islam was killed and a huge quantity of ammunition, grenades and equipment were recovered. Security forces apprehended nine suspects from different areas of Swat including Manglour, Madrassa Mazhar-ul-Uloom Green Chowk, Kokari, Dahro, Rangeela and Godhand. Two terrorists surrendered before security forces at Fiza Ghat and Nagga. Upon information of Defence Committee Kabal, a number of 60mm mortar bombs have been recovered from area east of Kabal.