All is set for Jamaat-e-Islamis referendum on Kerry-Lugar bill, drone attacks, Blackwater network and US interference in Pakistans internal affairs here on Friday. The party has formed monitoring teams, comprising scholars, retired judges and army officers, prominent jurists, newspaper editors, journalists, writers and prominent citizens. Jamaat amir Syed Munawar Hasan has appealed to the masses to participate in the exercise for giving their views on the important national issues. He said the referendum was a part of the Go America Go campaign and the people should join this peaceful drive in order to preserve countrys independence and sovereignty. A massive participation of the people in the referendum and the Go America Go campaign could compel the US to withdraw from this land, he said. Mr Hasan will lead a Go America Go rally from Masjid Shuhada to Assembly Hall on The Mall on Friday evening where results of the referendum will also be announced.