BRITISH pop star Lily Allen has stopped using Twitter, Facebook and email. The singer posted her last Tweet at the end of September - and has given away her Macbook and BlackBerry so she isnt tempted to return. Lilys only means of communication with the outside world is a home phone or an old mobile, which she leaves behind if she has got anything fun planned, according to the UKs Daily Mirror newspaper. We thought she was joking, but its been a month since she last Twittered, a source said. Before then you could always get a response from her straight away. No matter what time of day or where she was, shed be glued to her BlackBerry. Now you have to leave a message on her home answer phone. She does have a clapped out old mobile phone, but youre lucky to get her on that because she keeps leaving it when she goes out. She was so obsessed with the next new thing that it has shocked everyone. Its like shes back in the 80s. SS