KARACHI - The importers have cancelled the orders of at least 270 containers of 70 items including winter clothes, long shoes, and dresses from China, Indonesia, and Thailand due to the record losses in the month of October. Chairman Karachi Traders Action Committee Siddiq Memon said that the current wave of terrorism, miserable condition of law enforcement agencies and uncertainty regarding the economic activities in the country have put the negative impact on the garments business, decreasing its sale heavily. He said the negative propaganda and depressing news have lowered down the business activities up to 80 per cent, while the bigger importers and investors have stopped the inflow of capital to the markets. 'A heavy stock of imported items of every genre heaped up in the warehouses and godowns due to low consumption, leading to a lesser circulation of cash in the markets. Small traders are being inflicted by the banks, as they have failed to return the interest to the banks. He warned if the government did not provide loans to the small traders on easy instalments, at least 90 departmental stores, 84 shopping centres, and 550 markets of the city will have no option except to shut down their business.