KARACHI - The newly built Jail Chowrangi Interchange by CDGK in the heart of the City has become a dangerous spot due to poor designing and technical as dangerous accidents have become hallmark of the day, the commuters and areas residents told the Nation on Thursday. The interchange was built at the junction of Jail road, University road, and Shaheed-e-Millat road just in front of Karachi Central Jail to decrease the heave flow of the traffic at this route. It was opened for the traffic two months back, but since opening accidents were reported daily upon and around the Jail Chowrangi interchange. It may be noted that according to the designing of the interchange, it is observed that due to not construction of a loop inside the Karachi Central Jail, this problem emerged and caused accidents on daily basis. After complains of accidents on the route, the Transport and Communication Department (TCD) had conducted a thorough study and survey at Jail Chowrangi Interchange to identify the causes of the accidents, the EDO, TCD, Iftikhar Qaimkhani told the Nation, when contacted. The EDO said that the department had worked out when complains of daily accidents came to the department and a report for temporary arrangement to enhance safety at under construction Jail Chowrangi interchange. While talking to newsmen, sources in the city government told that the provincial Jail administration did not allow to develop the loop inside the jail jurisdiction as earlier they had earlier promised to the city government, but later they refused to develop the loop inside the jail due to some reasons. Bone of contention between the city government and Jail administration has made it dangerous for the commuters and travellers. The Shaheed -e-Millat Flyover is an important part of the signal free corridor 111 starting it from toll plaza (Supper High way) to Saddar, the corridor has a total length of about 28 kilometres. The major problem of this flyover is that the traffic coming from Shaheed -e-Millat road has to cover a long distance for going towards University Road or Old Sabzi Mandi due to the under construction of interchange. It is proposed that an informatory sings should be placed on Medicare Chowrangi to guide the road users to use Alamgir Road for going towards University Road / Old Sabzi Mandi from Saheed -e-Millat. Presently no provision exist for the stream of Traffic coming from Shaheed Millat towards University Road on the flyover law abiding citizens have to take longer route in front of Dawood Engineering College while this section have been encroached by car dealers resultantly wrong movement and high risk of accidents, the TCD report said. Apart from informative and regulatory signs required to prohibit wrong movement of traffic at University Road, some physical barricades are required on some specific places. Encroachment by car dealers at New M.A. Jinnah Road also needed to be cleared. There should be proper informatory sign on Shaheed -e- Millat Road to guide the traffic, which is heading towards University road. On the main Jail Chowrangi, proper signboards should be installed on the outer side safety wall of flyover to guide the traffic movement going towards Kashmir road and new M.A. Jinnah Road from university road and going towards Jail road. Present the flyover present in front of Central Jail is being utilised for both the traffic movement, going towards Shaheed-e-Millat road from PIB colony and from Shaheed -e-Millat towards PIB Colony or Jail Road. So there is possibility of head on collision between the traffic flow so the traffic movement which is from PIB towards Shaheed -e- Millat should be stopped which is wrong way movement and they should provide some alternate route until the construction of loop which will be provided for them. On main Jail Chowrangi, proper signboards should be installed on the outer side safety wall of flyover to guide the traffic movement going towards Kashmir road and new M.A.Jinnah Road from University Road and going towards jail. The EDO, TCD Iftikhar Qaimkhani said that due to the temporary arrangements to enhance safety at under construction Jail Chowrangi interchange, the ratio of the accidents is decreasing and days to come it has been further decreased.