JUSTIN Timberlake has flown to see Jessica Biel to prove he still loves her. The 'SexyBack singer - who has been dogged by rumors he has dumped Jessica - travelled to Vancouver, Canada, to take the Hollywood beauty out on a date on Tuesday Justin and Jessica - who is in Canada shooting a movie adaptation of TV series 'The A-Team - went to a late-night showing of 'Where the Wild Things Are at the Dunbar Theatre and showed they are still in love as they sat at the back of the cinema hugging. A source said: They laughed a lot. Justin got comfortable, putting his feet up on the back of the seat in front of him, and his head on Jessicas shoulder. They seem so happy to have worked things out. Justins mother Lynn Harless has voiced her support for 27-year-old Jessica, denying her sons two-and-a-half-year romance is on the rocks. Lynn said about Jessica: Justin has found someone thatll golf with him, give him a hard time when he deserves it and stand up to him. She added: Jessica is awesome. - ES