ISLAMABQAD - Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA), a youngsters initiative for political awareness amongst new generation, is all set to arrange vigil prayer on Sunday in memory of students killed in two blasts of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI). On November 9, 2007, as emergency imposed a group of three youngsters including Samad Khurram, Maryam Kanwer and Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi joined hands for creating mass socio-political awareness amongst the youth as well as enhancing their energies in an organised manner to yield actual and practical output that could help in development sector of the country. Primarily the team participated in lawyers-led movement for the independence of judiciary and latter they set their targets and invite youngsters from all over the country for joining their alliance. Following the announcement, so far, around 3,500 youth from all over the country had joined the movement. These youngsters mostly belong to well-off families and are successfully arranging diverse awareness activities across the country besides delivery of material goods for the deserving people on their own. During an interview with TheNation Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi, pioneer of PYA, who is also associated with Siemens Company as an Aeronautical Engineer, said that the source of inspiration for PYA team are the volunteers, who instead of watching the TV screens doing something for Pakistan in practical form. He said that, so for, they had organised about 50 activities including massive protests, vigils and walks for creating political awareness amongst the youth. In addition, he informed that they had delivered material help to over 5,000 families during Swat IDP crisis and other general social service campaigns. Today, he maintained that the nation is facing so many problems and no one really cares that why such cruel things happen again and again. He opined that unemployment and lack of healthy social and cultural activities were pushing the youth into the spiral of frustration, making them vulnerable to become an easy prey to the elements out to disrupt public peace and engage in criminal activities. Unfortunately, he added, Talent of our youngsters has never been explored in a right way, they were always left at the mercy of cruel circumstances. Taking part in a discussion, another member of PYA, Romana Mehmood said that youth must be aware of the root cause of the problems and their energies must be utilised in healthy and positive activities. She continued, We believe in going back to the very roots for which Pakistan was created, and we yarns to fulfill dreams of our leaders of making our country one of the greatest and progressive countries of the world. She further informed the alliance is also going to publish magazines with name of Inqalab for awareness of youth.