PESHAWAR The Home and Tribal Affairs Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has promulgated new Arms Policy for the province, Fata and Pata. According to a handout issued here on Saturday, licences of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for NBP weapons may be issued to all individuals having Computerised National Identity Card (CINC), irrespective of their district of domicile, subject to verification by the police for a period of one Year, ending in December 31 by the district coordination officer/ political agent concerned, in exercise of the power delegated to them by the Home Department. Official documents state, In exercise of power conferred under Section (II) of Pakistan Arms Ordinance 1965, the competent authority has pleased to approve the Arms Policy for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Fata and Pata. A list, indicating details of individual licenses issued in each district/ agency, shall be furnished to the Home Department on fortnightly basis, duly countersigned by the DCOs/ PAs concerned, to ensure that the sanctioned quota is strictly adhered to. In case of failure, powers of issuance of licenses will be withdrawn from DCO/PA. Convicts, excluding for conviction for minor offences or traffic violation, would not be eligible for arms license. Application for fresh arms license shall be submitted along with stamp paper, with Rs 150, fixed under Article 8 (A) Schedule-1 of Finance Act 2007, to the issuing authority. The following weapons have been declared positive. They are shotgun, revolver or pistol other than prohibited bore, rifle other than prohibited bore and sword. The provincial government employees who are entitled to one free NPB arms license may be over and above the fixed quota. Explaining the policy about all Pakistan licenses, the policy stated that the validity of NPB may be extended to other provinces by the Home Department on the recommendation of concerned Coordination Officer/Political Agent and Commanding Officer in case of army men, However, all licenses shall be routed through the DCO/PA who issued it. Each district. Agency shall nominate a focal person to coordinate affairs of arms licenses with Home Department. Arms licenses of NPB of other provinces will be also be considered for extension of validity to whole Pakistan subject to the verification by a gazetted officer, members of National Assembly, Provincial Assembly or Senator. A maximum of 200 cartridges rounds shall be allowed on arms of license of NPB. However, Rs. 20 per round will be charged from private applicants for increase in rounds/cartridges excluding 25 already granted at the time of issuance of license. A maximum of 100 rounds, free of charges, will be admissible to arms licenses. Only spouse and children would be eligible for being being entered in licenses retainers. The transfer of license will be permissible on inheritance basis to a legal heir of the deceased license holder subject to the production of consent of all other legal heirs. Rules and regulations have also been framed for the private security companies. NPB arms license maty be issued in the name of private security company in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Home Secretary Mohammad Azam Khan has started effort for overhauling the department after taking charge of his post.