ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Army on Saturday launched an offensive against the militants in Bara, a tehsil of Khyber Agency in Pakistans Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA), followed by the displacements of nearly 2,000 civilians. The military operations timing conspicuously coincides with that of the Nato-launched fresh military offensive at Afghan side of the border in Khost. This development is primarily seen in the context of a reported yet informal agreement reached out by the Pak-US military commands when they met sometime between Thursday and Friday. The military and intelligence chiefs of both the states had held separate meetings to agree on enhanced intelligence cooperation between Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Inter-Services Intelligence for information sharing against the militancy at respective sides of the borers, as reported by this newspaper yesterday (Saturday). Khost provincial governments spokesman Mubarez Zadran, when approached, said that several militants were detained on Saturday. Theres no confirmed number but a significant amount of detentions has been made, he said, declining to provide the number of casualties. The Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation)-led offensives are already under way in Paktia, Kunar, Nuristan and parts of Paktika. Meanwhile, several contingents of Frontier Corps (FC), one of the militarys key operational wings that has heavy concentration in FATA, blocked the exit and entry points of Bara before moving nearly 2,000 civilians to Jalozai Camp in the nearby Nowshera district. Military officials said that Bara operation predominantly focuses eight sensitive localities - Sheendrag, Daroadda, Azakhel, Nala, Malikin, Yusuftalab, Kohichowk and Mundekas - where search operations were conducted. The FC paramilitary subdivisions including Khyber Scouts, Mehsud Scouts and Mohmand Rifles are deployed in the Khyber Agency. Mehsud Scouts are exclusively based in Bara where they have four operational wings while Khyber Rifles have three wings in the rest of Khyber Agency. Mohmand Rifles have its seven wings deployed in the adjoining Mohmand Agency. According to military sources, the additional operational wings have been called from FCs other paramilitary subdivisions that include some platoons of Khurram Militia in Kurram Agency and Swat Scots in Warsak. No credible details on clashes between the security forces and militants, the extent of damages, casualties and injuries during the Bara operation were made available on Saturday. Political Agent Khyber Agency Mutahir Zeb told TheNation that some 225 families from Azakhel, Daroadda, Sheendrag, Nala and Malikin had been evacuated while evictions were going in Kohichowk, Yusuftalab and Mundekas. We estimate that some 2000 people are displaced and moved to Jalozai Camp. The total number of displaced families would expectedly be between 270 to 300. Some 2,500 to 3,000 people may be displaced but nothing can be confirmed as of now, he said. Rehan Gul Khattak, Assistant Political Agent Bara, said that paramilitary forces were conducting search operations in Mundekas, Yusuftalab and Kohichowk to look for the civilians that were to be moved to Jalozai Camp. He said that some civilian population was also displaced from Jhansi, a suburb of Bara. Its not a high priority area but the displacements have been made taking precautionary measures, he said, adding that military operation would expectedly take a week to get Bara cleared of militancy. Bara has notable concentration of militants from Lashkar-e-Islami led by notorious militant Mangal Bagh Afridi. Baghs co-tribesmen from Afridi clan have raised the establishment sponsored armed militia or peace lashkar in Khyber Agency to take on his activities. This has followed the loss of many lives from both the sides. Head of Khyber Agencys Peace Lashkar Malik Haji Ghulam Miran Afridi said that lashkar was prepared to clash with militants. We are ready to eliminate them, he told this scribe from Sheendrang. Afridi tribes chief in the agency, Misri Khan Afridi said, We have some personal scores to settle against the militants. We would avenge the death of our family members if we get a chance. Afridis elder brother Mota Khan Afridi, the former tribe head, was shot dead by militants in an ambush in June this year.