WAZIRABAD - A training workshop for Congo awareness was held in the Veterinary Hospital here on the eve of Eidul Azha to fight the virus here. Gujranwala District Officer (livestock) Ghulam Muhammad Gill, DO (Agriculture) Liaqat Ali Bhatti, DDO (livestock) Dr Zafar Chauhan, TMO Qaisar Amin Warriach and a number of Veterinary Staff from Alipur Chattha, Sohdra, Phaloki, Gakkhar Mandi, Dhaunkal and other Veterinary Centers participated in the seminar. Dr Tauqeer Hayat , while delivering a lecture, stated that veterinary staff, butchers and farmers are directly at stake by the sick animals. Heavy transportation of animals on the eve of Eidul Azha may cause spread of epidemic disease from one part to other. Though no case of Congo or dengue case is reported in Wazirabad, yet incoming sacrificial animals may bring any disease like Tics from outside the area, he said. All incoming animals first be kept in separate camps and gloves be used while touching the animals prior to bath with insecticide and vaccination and also adopt all precautionary measure, he added. Congo and dengue are viral and may shift to human being. Congo disease spreads through ticks and hits of animals while dengue spreads through mosquitos, he said adding that prevention is better than cure. People should adopt precautionary measures to avoid any heinous trouble. He further added that the people having animals should give bath to their animals with insecticide and vaccinate properly according to advice of veterinary staff. People should not purchase animals without certificate from a veterinary doctor because such animals remain much close to family members as well as children, Tauqeer said. On the occasion, TMO Qaisar stated that the administration had established a sale point near Darbar Data Shah Noor for the purpose where animals be checked thoroughly prior to entry to the sale point. Special arrangements have also been made to vaccinate animals, he added, saying that ticks, dengue and other insects may create miserable situation for citizens.