A mother says she has been forced to keep her 11-year-old son out of school after teachers told him to cut his 'anti-establishment mohican haircut. Teachers at Penketh High School, Warrington, ordered Regan Smith to cut his mohican hairstyle or be thrown into remedial classes with unruly pupils. But his mother Kirsty is refusing to back down in the row with the school, and is now even considering moving her son, a grade-A pupil, elsewhere. 'I dont like Regan being out of school but I dont see why he should change his hairstyle, Mrs Smith said. 'I asked if would be a problem when I went to one of the parents evenings and I was told 'no. 'But now hes been told to get rid of it or hell be put in the same class as all the naughty kids. Its just wrong. She added: 'Regan feels more confident with the mohican and its part of his individuality. 'He doesnt even wear it up in school. There are kids with worse hairstyles than him but theyre allowed to have them. Regan, whos sported the hairstyle for six years, said: 'I was told by the head that it was an 'extreme and 'anti-establishment hairstyle. 'I would feel ridiculous without it, it makes me an individual. All my mates like it and some want it too. Mrs Smith and her husband, Andy, Regans father, have already approached another school with view to moving him there. The mother-of-four said she would be keeping Regan out of Penketh High until it lifted his hair ban. Head teacher Jeff Hughes said: 'At our school we have a clear policy on haircuts which applies to all pupils and which all parents are aware of. MO