It is a matter of great shame to learn through The Nation (Oct.22) that the Election Commission of Pakistan has been forced to suspend the membership of 231 members of parliament for failing to file their annual financial statements with the Commission: their statutory obligation under subsection (1) of section 42 A of the Representation of the People Acts 1976. What makes it even more disgusting is the fact that the list includes quite a few prominent, well-known faces. While under suspension, the members wont be allowed to attend any parliaments sessions or participate in the meetings of parliamentary committees but in case of violation of this provision, the maximum that ECP can do is to report such incidents to respective Assemblies and Senate, for necessary action which hardly seems to be a foolproof system to ensure compliance. The ECP is also reported to have finalised a mechanism in consultation with concerned departments like Federal Board of Revenue, Finance Ministry, Accountant General Pakistan Revenues and Auditor General of Pakistan, to take to task those MPs who submit false and erroneous statements of their wealth but again, very unfortunately indeed, this mechanism also remains unimplemented. I sincerely hope the government does not claim it as a big achievement that a vast majority of members, 939 out of a total of 1170 to be exact, have filed their statements. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, October 22.