An article by the title of Afghanistan-India Pact Defeats Pakistan Army (Oct 13) on the internet highlights the rejoicing mood of India on signing the strategic partnership agreement, the first ever of its kind in the region. The message conveyed to Pakistan indicates the Indian mindset and the games which it is playing. The article is a very scathing write-up with disastrous mindset, and so merits a glance by our security establishment. This article seems to be a tip of the iceberg of the real great game played against us. When it comes to playing diplomatic and psychological games, the result is evident through this strategic pact. India is projecting the move as a great event and presenting itself as a country that is solely responsible and capable of controlling the region. India has its own designs for propagating such themes. The crucial questions are: are we prepared to face such propaganda onslaught and counter it: If yes then how and why no measures have taken as yet: And if no then are we going to do something in present situation and future. What would be our strategy if the United States is using all efforts to change Pakistans India-centric security paradigm? And going through the pact, India has declared an economic and developmental role in Afghanistan. If it has other intentions, then what are they? It means the present situation needs to be carefully monitored and the scathing propaganda be carefully and strongly responded before it is too late. As a first step we need to strengthen our institutions working for the defence of the country rather than falling prey to the propaganda undermining its capabilities. Secondly an effective public awareness campaign needs to be launched, taking all media houses in confidence because the major part of war has to be fought on media front. India needs to be told that there is difference between being regional and extra-regional player; Afghanistan is different place to live in. What has Russia done, what has the US achieved, and if it hands over the job to India, what would be its fate in the coming years? The people of the AfPak region have been dealing with the US presence with the mixed feeling of friend and foe. But for Indians it would be impossible to maintain 'friendly presence in Afghanistan. Considering Kabul and Northern Alliance that too in the leadership of Karzai as its stronghold is a dream that may turn into a nightmare, as the 50% Pashtun population has yet to show its muscles. India must be aware of playing the role of a US mercenary; already its consulates along the Afghan border have experienced the taste. It is easy to enter Afghanistan, but impossible to get out of it. It is a graveyard. ESCHMALL SARDAR, Peshawar, October 17.