LAHORE - Punjab Governor Sardar Lateef Khan Khosa has said that he may ask the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to seek a vote of confidence in the Punjab Assembly as, in his view, the latter was no more member of the assembly. Talking to mediamen Saturday, the governor said that the case about the eligibility of Shahbaz Sharif to become assembly member was pending before the Supreme Court, and as such he was not a constitutionally elected member of the Punjab Assembly, he was therefore seriously considering asking him to obtain vote of confidence from the House to stay as chief minister. Jurist-cum-governor, who basically belongs to PML-N rival PPP, said he believes the chief minister did not enjoy even simple majority yet he considers himself all-wise. He said as constitutional expert he thinks Shahbaz was no more member of the Punjab Assembly on either of the two seats he contested for in the by-elections. On the other hand, PML-N leader and Punjab law minister, Rana Sanaullah said that no case was pending against Shahbaz Sharif regarding his competence. In his reaction on Khosas statement, Rana told the media that it was now for the governor to tell which case was pending against Shahbaz Sharif. The minister said Shahbaz was a constitutional chief minister and a validly-elected member of the Punjab Assembly and the statement of the governor carried no weight as such. He said if the governor desires, he can move a no confidence motion against the chief minister through Raja Riaz or Zahiruddin in the assembly. Meanwhile the political temperature was seen rising in the provincial capital after acquittal and release of PML-Q MPA Moonis Elahi in the NICL case. Political observers are viewing the meeting of PPP key political broker Babar Awan with the Chaudrys of Gujrat by relegating it to the 2009 scenario when the PPP was all out to oust the PML-N government with the help of Q-league. But that time Atta Maneka-led 43-plus-member forward bloc, a Q breakaway group, came to frustrate the anti-PML-N drive and the situation is not much different today. Political experts say that rival parties at present are mainly concerned at PML-Ns 'Go-Zardari Go drive and want to neutralise the expected impact of the upcoming public meeting of N in the city on October 28. They believe the release of Moonis has given a new spirit to anti-N alliance of PPP and Q-League and the call by the governor to the CM to obtain a trust vote was part of that renewed campaign. They said all the signs suggest the situation in Punjab is to further ignite in the days ahead.