The whole Pakistani nation must salute Col Qaddafi who was made martyr on Thursday October 21, 2011 by USA and NATO sponsored forces as he refused to avail chance to leave his own country in order to save his precious life. He was arrested alive and was later killed brutally in the custody of the new government. He was a personal friend of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and following his foot prints, he refused to leave the country and preferred to die on his own soil. It is very unfortunate our young generations do not know what he did for Pakistan, Islamic world, Arab world and African world in order to keep them united. For the cause of Palestine his services cannot be neglected. He tremendously helped Pakistan by providing finance in making first Islamic Atomic Bomb. It was shameful act that some people are now demanding to change the name of Qaddafi Stadium in Lahore. The USA as well as NATO had no right in any circumstances to violate the sovereignty of another country. The revolt was sponsored by them and till last day of Qaddafi, NATO aircraft continued the bombardment. IF USA and NATO are allowed to see system prevailing in other countries of their own choice and use force for this purpose, there would only be turmoil in the whole world. On the day of the death of Qaddafi, there was another news item on Pakistani TV channels quoting USA authorities that it would now provide arms to opponent groups in Arab world. If USA and NATO are well wishers of the Islamic countries, why dont they take firm action against Israel that is occupying Arab territories since 1967 and has refused to vacate or accept UN Resolutions. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, October 22.