PESHAWAR Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said if his party comes into power the US will not dare pressurise Pakistan to launch operation in any part of the county, as the present rulers do not have courage to defy US orders. Listen Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of States Your country will not have courage to order us if my party is in power. Why will we launch operations to kill our own people on US orders, he said while speaking at a public gathering here in Peshawar. Former nazim Town Council-III Yaseen Khalil from Pakistan Peoples Party, his brother Asghar Khalil and hundreds of their friends and colleagues formally joined the PTI. He stated that it was is crystal-clear that the government launched another massive operation in tehsil Bara of Khyber Agency when the US Secretary of States Hillary Clinton came on her two-day visit to Islamabad, adding that all these operations were being carried out to please the US administration and earn dollars. He observed that operation was not the solution of every problem rather negotiations could work and restore peace. He said the present rulers had nothing to do with the welfare of people of the country, but actually their eyes were regrettably at US dollars. He said the PTI was gaining popularity in KP and no one could stop its progress now. The time to send the ANP back to the pavilion has come, as it had an opportunity to eliminate corruption, maintain peace and serve people of the province, but unfortunately it had done nothing so far, he said. Referring to the PML-Ns public meeting in Lahore on October 28, he said, We dont know whether it is against President Asif Ali Zardari or dengue mosquito. He added that, It should have been in Islamabad if it was really against Zardari, but it seems to be against dengue. He said teachers, government servants and patwaris would no doubt be brought to the public meeting on October 28 but, Im sure, it will not work anymore. In the same breath, Imran Khan claimed that the PTIs public meeting on October 30 would bring a revolution and set new horizon in the country politics. Party would give tickets to sincere workers in coming elections, he said. He said the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) would be made independent while the existing thana culture and patwari system would be changed at all if his party came into power. He added that tax would be collected from 'big fish. On this occasion, Yaseen Khalil reposed his confidence in the leadership of the PTI and said that he would work day in and night out to strengthen the party.