ISLAMABAD (APP) - Federal Capital wore a wintry look with decrease in mercury after rain on Saturday morning, saying good-bye to the summer season of this year. The prevailing cold wave added charm to the beauties of peaceful city and lured many people to visit popular recreational spots and enjoy the seasonal delights. Winter season, for some people, is lifeless and the only attraction is to enjoy dry fruits, soups, snacks and cosiness while for nature lovers, the scenic beauty of autumn influences their imaginative sense. The snack sellers have started setting up stalls to provide coffee, soup, Qehwa, hot Smosas, Pakoras, Jalebi and fish snacks to residents to enjoy chill in weather. The hazy morning on weekend motivated some people to plan some outdoor activity with friends and enjoy the cloudy weather hovering over the twin cities. We enjoyed bike riding and had a splendid evening at Lake View Park, a group of young boys said. The nature has blessed with the country four different seasons and all of these have various elements for enjoyment. I always enjoyed an evening stroll and hot soup in misty weather as it attracts me a lot, Shazia, a workingwomen in I-8 Park said. The weather definitely creates impact on the mood of every human being either good or bad and for many people, winter is the favourite season, she said. Along with sweetness of changing weather, the citizens are also advised by the medical experts to take precautionary measures to save themselves from the seasonal diseases. The shopping centres in federal capital have replaced summer variety with winter outfits and displayed huge variety of sweaters, cosy jackets, warm clothes and coat shoes, expecting good sales ahead of Eid-ul-Azha. Different boutiques are also arranging exhibitions with showcasing latest variety of winter stuff, capturing the attention of local as well as foreigners. The weather experts are of the view that the westerly wave affecting upper parts of the country is likely to prevail during next two to three days, which may cause isolated rain in upper Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan during the period.