Our Staff Reporter KARACHI - The second day of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week showcased from both mainstream industry labels and brand new talents. Attendance was equally diverse with the fashion and design fraternity present along with local and international media, celebrities as well as those local and international brand and individuals facilitating the business side of fashion. Structured into 2 acts, a total of 6 designers showcased their prt a porter collections. Amongst the highlights of Day 2s showcase was that renowned actress Humaima Mallick walked the ramp for Sania Maskatiyas collection. Act 1 Act 1 was opened by the sister duo Nickie Nina, with their latest prt a porter womens wear collection. Entitled 'Sous-Marine, the collection drew inspiration from the richness of underwater life, its array of colours and textures. Showcasing for the fourth time at the prestigious week, for this specific collection, the Nickie Nina design duo engaged the richness of pure fabrics such as raw silk, traditional organza and crepe de chine. With clean and minimal cuts the Sous Marine collection was accentuated with chain and pearl embellishments. Zainab Sajids womens wear prt--porter collection for her debut showcase at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was entitled 'Hala-Lujah. Taking inspiration from Hala pottery, the collection depicted strong elements of Halas folk culture where its pottery is famous for its exquisite designs and motifs. Indeed Hala pottery is a major art form that has survived centuries rooted in the cultural ethos of the 5,000 years old Indus Valley Civilization. This collection was an effort to transform that historical creativity and inherited skill into fashion. Zainabs collection incorporated chiffons and silks with a focus on cuts and drape with a flowy silhouette accentuated with motifs and Kashi work from the pottery. Following Zainabs show and indeed Act 1s finale show was Mohsin with his womens wear collection for PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week entitled Drawing the Line. Speaking about his collection for the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Mohsin said Through my clothes I want to tell the story of a rich cultural heritage, fables immortalized in patterns, overlaid with bold stripes to depict the feeling of being trapped, bound, held still by constricting circumstances. Through his collection Mohsin highlighted and remarked on Pakistans current crises. Barred from all sides with issues ranging from abject poverty, corruption, power generation, disease and natural disasters; he used his clothes as a medium to vent his personal agitation and the publics emotional turmoil. The fabrics used in this collection were cotton, chiffon, silk, linen with hand and machine embroidery. Act 2 Act 2 was opened by Sania Maskatiya with her womens wear collection marking her debut showcase at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Entitled The Dilkash Collection, the pieces were designed with the elegant and charismatic Pakistani woman at the fore. Sanias luxury Pret Collection laid emphasis on cuts and draping and the collection exhibited the use of block printing, screen printing, digital printing, computer embroidery with crystal and metal embellishments in pure chiffons, shamose, silk and crepe. This was her first solo show under her eponymous label. The second show of Act 2 was new designer M. Irfan Ali with his debut womenswear collection entitled Marachay - the melting pot of Punjab. It took inspiration from the life and style of the culturally rich tribe of southern Punjab, Marachay. Indeed the designer views the tribe as a melting pot of various cultures that has brought forward new stylised architecture, embroidery and vibrant colours. M. Irfan Alis collection incorporated 3D pocket silhouettes with a modern aesthetic yet retain the essence of the tribe. Marachay - the melting pot of Punjab was based in different types of cotton fabric accentuated with printed velvet, applique work & patch work. The days finale belonged to FNKAsia who presented their womens wear collection entitled 'Suzani, a tribute to the ancient craft of needle work. Indeed Suzani diffused its way into Pakistan through Bukhara and Uzbekistan over 1500 years ago. The collection was based in fabrics such as pure cottons, linen and velvets accentuated with pure silk for a luxurious finish embellished primarily with Suzani needlework. The silhouette boasted draped inner suits with structured outer jackets. Huma Adnan, the force behind FNKAsia has said, I have enjoyed being part of the PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week and hope to be part of a platform that pushes fashion further into trade and development.