Generation capacity of Tarbela Dam is being increased by 1400 megawatts. But this will only add to the conflicting demands for power and water. IRSA can either store water for the late Kharif and Rabi seasons when river flows are low, or it can release the same water to generate power. It cannot fully satisfy both demands, only half of each. Even the cultivators in Sindh protest when Wapda releases water for power generation and demand that water be kept stored for their irrigation needs. This shows that they understand the necessity of storing water for use when needed. But they protest even more when there is talk of building more storages. Are they not cutting their own nose to spite the face? Tarbela Dam can be dedicated full time to power generation only if it is not required to store water for irrigation. This can be done only if another Dam is available for taking up the storage duty. Is this too difficult for the incompetent PPP ministers to understand? Do they want to muddle along like this from year to year, juggling the conflicting demands of power and water. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, October 22.