OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE TheNation Editor-in-Chief and Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Chairman Majid Nizami has urged the teachers to train the youth in a manner that they can confront Indias conspiracies against Pakistan in future. Talking to Assistant Education officers at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Saturday, he added that elders had rendered countless sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan and now it was the duty of the young generation to prepare themselves to defend the countrys ideology. The AEOs across the Punjab attended Ideological Training Workshop at Aiwan. NPT Vice-chairman Professor Dr Rafique addressed them. NPT Secretary Shahid Rasheed informed the officers about the purpose of the training workshop and about the educational and ideological activities of the Trust. A multimedia presentation and a documentary Quaid-the Great Leader were also arranged for them on the occasion. Dr Rafique said that the country has been facing multisided issues but we as a nation have capability to solve these problems, he added. The Punjab University former vice-chancellor held that teachers could play vital role in shaping a nation. You should thoroughly study Pakistan Movement, Two-Nation Theory and then pass the same to students, he urged. Professor Rafique added that the country was bestowed with enormous natural resources and the need was to utilise these gifts of God. .