An addicted teenager shot dead eight of his own family members including parents, brothers and sisters here in Gujranwala on late Saturday night. According to police, accused Afzal a junkie, killed his six siblings and parents after drugging them in Kallar Abadi area of Gujranwala district. The family members were shot at a point-blank range, they added. The murderer, who was arrested after committing the heinous crime, confessed to killing his parents, four brothers, and two sisters. Deceased were identified as father Asghar Ali, his wife Sajida, their two daughters Anam and Sanam and four sons, Muzammil, Abid, Sajid and Iqbal. The ages of slain children ranges from 12 to 18 years, says police. Murder weapon, a 30-bore pistol, was also recovered as an injured Afzal himself led the police to it. The motive according to Afzal 18, was constant domestic bickering, which drove him to commit this heinous act. Earlier the culprit had told police that unknown gunmen stormed their house and killed his whole family, but his injured hand gave the game away to police. The unfortunate family is reported to be very poor as Asghar, the deceased father was a donkey-carter. During the preliminary interrogation, Afzal told police that he first killed his parents while they were still asleep and then tied-up his siblings to gun them dead.