Lahore WWFPakistan conducted the second phase of its decades old environment educational campaign 'Spellathon on Saturday. More than 250 students of grades 1 till 9 from various schools of Lahore participated in this annual inter school competition. Top scorers of this competition would be selected to participate in the nationwide competition to win lucrative prizes. Students were immensely excited to be a part of the event and they participated enthusiastically in pre test discussions with their class fellows and friends. Parents & teachers who were also present to support the children considered it beneficial exposure to environmental and conservation issues for the kids and a vital source of confidence building. WWF Pakistans Spellathon 2011 has been sponsored by P & G Safeguard and Rose Petal to raise environmental awareness among young minds of our nation. The participation certificates will be awarded to the students by WWF Pakistans representatives to acknowledge the efforts of students and to make it more valuable and memorable for these youngsters. WWF - Pakistan, started Spellathon in 1995 which is an environmentally driven educational initiative targeting the youth of Pakistan. Spellathon is now a nation-wide spelling competition, for schools, which through a series of written quizzes promotes contemporary knowledge of the environment among the youth of the country in a fun and exciting way. Spellathon is an integral part of the annual calendar of private schools across Pakistan. The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness and understanding for the need to conserve, protect and manage Pakistans natural resources among the young minds of our nation. World Wide Fund for Nature - Pakistan was formed in 1970 to address the growing environmental and conservation issues in Pakistan that not only affected the flora and fauna, but were also affecting the human population. WWF Pakistan is a non-profit organisation, working preserve, conserve and save our environment and natural resources. Today, WWF - Pakistan works through 31 offices with a team of approximately 340 dedicated staff members. We have our Head Office in Lahore, regional offices in Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Gilgit, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Quetta, and project offices wherever there is need and the potential to make a difference.