Islamabad - Islamabad police have arrested 15 outlaws during special vigilance throughout the city and recovered hashish, heroin, liquor bottles and weapons, a police spokesman said on Wednesday.

According to details, Kohsar police arrested one Ahmed Tariq and recovered two pistols along with 45 bullets from him. Margalla police arrested one Nasir and recovered one bottle of liquor from him. Golra police arrested a drug pusher Naveed and recovered 1.80 kilograms hashish. Tarnol police arrested two accused Zahir Ahmed and Shahid Mehmood and recovered 360 grams heroin from their possession. Industrial Area police arrested Muhammad Arshad and recovered one 30-bore pistol along with five bullets.

Similarly, Sabzi Mandi police arrested two accused Imran Khan and Munair Ahmed and recovered two pistols along with 50 bullets from their possession. Police team also arrested two accused, Muhammad Kamran and Zahid and recovered 162 packets of heroin from their possession. Bani Gala police arrested one Fahad and recovered one dagger from him. Nilor police arrested one Ghazi Abbas and recovered 1.145 kilograms hashish and one punch from him.

 Shehzad Town police arrested accused Ishtiq and recovered one bottle of wine from him. Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is under way, the police spokesman said.