Police in coordination with the CIA have arrested an alleged human trafficker along with her co-accused for killing her three other accomplices over money disputes during the last few months.

Sambrial police have arrested Shoqia Aziz, a resident of Sialkot. She has confessed to killing her three companions Muhammad Ilyas of Pakka Garha-Sialkot, Muhammad Khalid of Qila Deedar Singh-Gujranwala and Tariq Mehmood  alias Pappu of village Jaagowal-Gujranwala over disputes. They had thrown their bodies in the surroundings of Sialkot International Airport here.

The Sambrial DSP said that the police used some scientific methods of investigation and traced out the accused from Sialkot city. He added that the female had been running a well-organised inter province gang of the  human traffickers for the last several years and used to extort big amounts from the  people by sending them abroad illegally.

She told the investigators that her three slain companions had started dodging her in the business. Thus, along with the help of her husband Suleman and companion Muhammad Arshad, she killed them.