SIALKOT - The Indian Border Security Forces (BSF), on Wednesday, started unprovoked intensified firing on Sialkot border villages in Charwah Sector along the Working Boundary.

The villages targeted by BSF were Dhamaala, Rangor, Bhagiyaari and surroundings areas in Charwah Sector.

According to the senior officials of the Chenab Rangers, the Indian BSF Wednesday targeted the civilian population in Sialkot border villages in Charwah Sector with small weapons again violating the ceasefire accord.

Indian firing continued for about two hours (from 08:00 am to 10:00 am) intermittently on Wednesday morning. The firing damaged several houses of the local people.

Later, the BSF again resorted unprovoked intensified firing on these Sialkot border villages with small arms, targeting the civilian population there in the afternoon. This spell of firing continued for about an hour intermittently.

The Chenab Rangers retaliated effectively and silenced Indian guns, the senior CR officials added. No loss of life or any injury was reported, they confirmed.

Meanwhile, giving detailed briefing to the visiting foreign media here on Wednesday about the Indian BSF’s hostile shelling on Sialkot border villages and violation of ceasefire agreement, Sector Commander Chenab Rangers Brig Waseem said that BSF, violating the ceasefire accord, targeted the civilian population in Sialkot border villages.

He added that the BSF was targeting civilian population on the eve of every religious festival in Pakistan since 2013.

Brig Waseem revealed, “Chenab Rangers are the most committed troops (professionally) than the BSF as the CR were not targeting the Indian civilian population”.

“On every religious festival in Pakistan, the Indian BSF targets civilian population in Sialkot border villages,” he added. He ruled out any possibility of infiltration towards Indian side from Sialkot Working Boundary saying that the BSF had already erected fence there leaving no chance for any infiltration.