LAHORE - Claiming that Inquilab sit-in has been terminated to observe the sanctity of Muharramul Haram, PML-Q Punjab President, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has said that mass awareness public meeting would continue.

He expressed these views while addressing a Press conference at Muslim League House on Wednesday alongwith senior party leaders including Raja Basharat and Chaudhry Zaheer.

Pervaiz threw challenge to Chief Minister Punjab for an open debate on electronic and print media for comparison of performance of 5-year (PML-Q government) tenure and PML-N’s 15 years in power at different times in Punjab.

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He claimed that Punjab Chief Minister had stopped the provisions of free education, free medicines, subsidy to farmers, petrol for police patrolling posts, journalists colonies, funds for the backward areas, grants of the bar associations and free treatment of lawyers.

The sitting chief executive of the province had wasted all funds on jangla bus service, which was being run on annual subsidy of Rs 12 billion, he added.

He said that provincial rulers had turned Punjab into a den of criminals.

Power plants had been inaugurated but power plants were not producing a single megawatt of electricity, while hospitals and colleges established by PML-Q were not being made functional, he stated.

PML-Q leader said that government should at least ponder upon the reports of its secret agencies, which were enough to open their eyes.

Citing one such report, he claimed that 1.98 lakh crimes were reported till July this year, while FIR of 90,000 were not registered, 6000 abduction/kidnapping cases, 3000 murders, around 200 vehicles theft daily, 600 motorcycles and about 3500 mobiles were being snatched.

Pervaiz maintained that farmers were the biggest target of vindictiveness of the rulers, as ruling party raised price of sugar instead of sugarcane, rice and other crops were not purchased on fixed price while the PML-Q government had given land to the landless, ensured water supply, provided subsidy on electricity, besides water channels reconstruction.

He claimed that programmes and projects of his tenure were duly appreciated and acknowledged by international organisations including World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

Pervaiz said that literacy rate in Punjab had risen up to 62 per cent in 2007 from 47 per cent in 2002, which had come down to 50 per cent during the present govt tenure.

Prosecution service, consumer courts, traffic wardens service, colonies of the journalists, distributed 80,000 acres of land among the poor were some of the major achievements of the PML-Q government, he added.

On the contrary, the sitting govt introduced flop schemes like Sasti Roti, Tandoor and Yellow Cab Scheme, he said.

Pervaiz claimed that people of Punjab had reached the conclusion that resolving the major issues were not on the priority list of the rulers and they were buying time under false promises to prolong their inefficient and corrupt rule.