Islamabad - The power distribution companies (Discos) of ex-Wapda have sought an increase of 52 paisas (per kilowatts hour) in electricity tariff for the month of September 2014 under fuel adjustment charges.

According to the figures provided by Central Power purchasing Agency CPPA, a total of 9125 gigawatts hours (Gwh) electricity was generated during the month of September, while 8,934.91GWh electricity was delivered to Discos worth 60,538.26 million rupees. The line losses between energy generated and delivered to Discos were 181.64 GWh. It is pertinent to mention that these line losses occur while generated power is transferred to Discos. The line losses that occur due to electricity theft during power distribution are separate.

The energy generation during September from hydel was 3532.44GWh, coal 7.85Gwh, HSD 320.17GWh, residual fuel oil (RFO) 2779.77GWh, gas 1876.14GWh, nuclear 432 GWh, import from Iran 40.21 GWh, mixed 105.45 GWh and wind 31.59 GWh. According to the data submitted in Nepra, the percentage of hydel in energy mix was 38.71pc, coal .09pc, HSD 3.51pc, gas 20.56pc, nuclear 4.73pc, imported from Iran .44pc, while wind energy contribution to power generation mix was only  The second biggest contributor to the energy mix was RFO, which is usually called the furnace oil with 31.46 percent. Energy generation from RFO cost 43518.28 million rupees which is more then 70 per cent of total cost incurred on generating 9125 GWh for the month of September. The energy cost from coal was Rs.4.49 kilowatts per hour, HSD Rs20.20 kWh, RFO 15.6554 kWh, gas 4.30 kWh, nuclear 1.18 kWh, while cost of kilowatt hour for imported electricity from Iran stood at Rs.9.80. Nepra has called a public hearing on October 27.