Right to food has been secured in the Constitution of Pakistan thus the government is bound to provide food security to its entire populace and it should be held accountable through promulgating food security policy and enacting the Right to Food Act.

This was claimed by the speakers at Women Farmers Conference held in Sargodha. The speakers highlighted the issues of food insecurity, malnutrition and hunger. The conference was jointly organised by Caritas, GROW Campaign of OXFAM and Action against Hunger and Malnutrition.

Hundreds of women farmers across the country attended the conference. The women farmers underpinned a need for equitable food distribution system in the country as well as measures enabling farmers to adopt innovative agriculture techniques.

Amjad Gulzar, national coordinator of Caritas, said that 58% population in Pakistan was faced with food insecurity.

Shahbaz Bokhari, Manager GROW Campaign said that hunger in Pakistan is primarily an issue of unjust distribution of food. He recommended that to redress impacts of climate change, especially on farming communities collective efforts from civil society, think tanks, farmers organisations at grassroots level, research institutes, academia and especially government are required.