California (BEL): Shailene Woodley has insisted she wasn’t bothered about baring all in her new film White Bird In A Blizzard. The Divergent actress appears nude in several scenes in the indie project, but revealed that she didn’t mind as it wasn’t gratuitous and worked for the movie, reported Us Weekly. Shailene - who plays a teenager going through an awakening - said the intimate scenes felt ‘very truthful’. ‘I feel like it lent itself to this movie. It wasn’t exploitative,’ added the 22-year-old. ‘There’s nothing that bothers me about seeing people have intimate scenes in films.

If The woman has clothes on, has full make-up, and the man has boxers - that’s just not how it works.’

Shailene said she likes that the dramatic thriller - which was directed by Gregg Araki and also stars former Bond girl Eva Green - explores romance in young people in a realistic way.  ‘You don’t ever get used to getting out of the car and having that wall of sound hit you. Definitely, when I was younger, it used to freak me out. I’ve got better at it, I think because now I’ve realised it is a genuine chance to meet people who are fans of yours and the film and of the material,’ he explained to BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw.

‘As intense as it is, it’s very sincere and genuine, which is lovely. But you are overcome with incredibly mundane fears, magnified in it, so you’re like, ‘Is there snot coming out of my nose? Are my flies done up?’ Those are the thoughts that run through your head when you get into a car. It’s not very glamorous.’ Daniel embraced the quirky film when offered the script, but pondered whether he’s weird for dubbing the feature an ‘obvious yes’, despite its odd storyline. He also praised director Alexandre Aja’s ‘awesome mind’ and is enjoying hearing people’s reactions to Horns.